The software suite

Social Pulse was a social media automation suite consisting of six unique products developed to aid brands with data analysis and content management.

I worked with the team on this project from scratch and helped with the design, software interface development, launch necessities and ongoing user experience improvements.

User experience and interface evolution

Due to a tight timeframe. we had to move fast. I focused on the wireframe and software interfaces first before finalizing the branding design. Overtime research, user analysis and feedback allowed me to continuously improve and evolve the designs into a more clean, cohesive and intuitive experience.

First interface

Second Interface

Third interface

Fourth Interface

Product launch

In conjunction with the product launch we prepared a website, white paper and other promotional materials. Overall, I used cool and neutral tones to make the complex information easy to understand, and subtle color branding for each softwares for easy identification. The website was also fully responsive and user behavior triggers were implemented throughout that prompted actions like sending EDMS based on the person’s usage.

The result

Social Pulse was used by large brands from a wide range of industries including, automotive, department stores, snack foods, pets, grocery and television.